Quality Service

Quality Service and Timely Delivery


FHA Industries under expansion program participates in exhibitions around the world every year and is serving clients world wide.

"Under development program” with the help of our customers and skilled workers,
we are continuously working on new materials, Formulas and Designs to upgrade the performance of our merchandise.

Creating/Development had been upgraded and today our total setup is well organized and equipped to meet world's latest demands.

Our wide production units have the capacity to produce goods in bulk quantity
with the desired delivery period of our customer’s.

FHA Industries is playing a vital role to meet today's requirements in

Sporting Goods Industry.

We like to thank all our Clients for their patronage, expressing their unwavering faith
they have in FHA Industries.

Quality Control


Our concept is to manufacture a top quality accurate PRODUCTS in best raw material under modern technology process and experienced skilled workers with strict quality control checking, Besides all these we take export very seriously after dully attested each product and have done over 25 years quite successfully.


F.H.A. INDUSTRIES is also a child labor free organization.

The managements of FHA is strictly prohibits the use of child labor in the production
of its all sort of products and carrying most modern machines  for stitching in all type of departments to meet the current and potential demand of its customers.